Best Bridal Makeup For 2020 Weddings!

Hey Bride!

Are you getting married in this crazy 2020 year? There is so much going on with up's and downs of the world. Most of you reading this are probably doing a small at home wedding or a wedding in the nearest town. Budgets are tight and things are changing all the time. But one thing doesn't have to change and that is how amazing you will look on your wedding day! I have put together the best makeup for 2020 brides and I'll explain why they are the best, so let's get started!

Top 3 makeup companies for bridal makeup in 2020


Iris & Romeo is one of my favorite companies and here's why. A lot of us want to still look ourselves on our wedding day, we don't want caked on makeup that is going to smear all over our guest's clothing when we give them a hug. This is why I love their foundation, not only is is smear free but it is a 5 in one. It's not your typical foundation, it is a serum, moisturizer, sheer coverage, sunscreen and it protects your skin from blue light and pollution! I mean this stuff is incredible. It's also full of collagen which we all know means anti aging!! Who doesn't love that right! In addition to their amazing foundation they also have lip balm that doubles as a moisturizer, softer lips call for more kisses! ;)

Although they only have these two products, with the two of them alone on your wedding day you will be so grateful you got them! They are long lasting and amazing for your skin, keeping you look fabulous all night long!


Ummm... drool worthy!! Okay, I'll explain why Coastal Scents is drool worthy in my opinion. Coastal scents has everything you need for your wedding day makeup. Plus this product comes with something that would make every bridesmaid jealous! It comes with a build your own palette (drooling yet?). This palette allows you to choose your own eyeshadow, blush and yes even concealer! Oh, umm... I think you got a little something on your face right there... I ummm.. think it might be some drool! ;)

Oh and did I mention that this product is EXTREMELY affordable for any brides budget?? Cause it is! Don't let me forget to mention that it also had a brush set that comes with up to 24 brushes and a cute case to carry them all in! The BEST part is that it is all free and fast shipping!!


Yet another company who's product is drool worthy!! Gabriel Cosmetics not only has makeup but they have skin care as well. Making it your one stop shop for all you before and day of beauty needs!

Something I love about their product is that it is natural, organic, and caters towards your skin type. So if you have dry, oily, or combination skin they will help you decide which product(s) are best for you skin type and will help you get clear, beautiful skin in no time!


Baby box not only makes you look like a babe with all the products it has in it. Like face masks, eyeshadow, lip stick, Maskcara, eyeliner and more! But it also comes with the option on their website to buy just individual items as well. So if you get a product you just can't live without (which is basically everything if we are being honest) you can simply just go back to the website and buy more. Or if you want to try just a few items before committing to their amazing monthly subscriptions you can try a some. Better yet you can get your own monthly subscription box for free all you have to pay for is shipping.

There you have it ladies the best bridal makeup for 2020. We all know getting married in 2020 is going to be one for the books. So make sure you have the perfect makeup to go along with your wedding day. Here's the sites one more time!

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