Wedding hair and makeup tips for 2019

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

First off congrats on your engagement! Planning how to do your hair and makeup for your wedding can be challenging. So I've prepared a few tips on how to help you decide whats best for your hair and makeup on your special day!

Hair Talk

Deciding if you will be styling your hair up or down.

Styling your hair down!

A few things to consider are when deciding to have your hair styled all down are these...

First things first, what time of year are you getting married at? If it is a early spring, fall or winter keeping your hair down will not only keep you warm but will also hide the fact that you might be shivering from the cold, Burrr... Summer weddings are also adorable with your hair down and curled for a fun BOHO styled wedding.

Second, will you want your hair all down or just half of it, if your wanting to wear an elegant wedding veil you will want to keep in mind you will need to create some type of "shelf" for your wedding veil to rest on. This can be in the form of braids coming together from both sides, or one. This can also be done with just pulling the hair back without braids.

Styling your hair in an up-do

Up-do's are some of my favorite styles to do! A quick secrete, up-do's are the reason I became a cosmetologist! I love the look of a classy up-do style. This styling is mostly for those brides getting married in the summer but can be pulled off during all seasons. On a nice warm day for your wedding the last thing you want is to be even warmer because of your hair. One thing to also consider is what your dress looks like. Ask yourself "Do I want to show off the back of my dress?" If the answer is yes then an up-do is for you! This is also a great style to choose for those who are wanting to wear a veil.

Wake-up to "Wedding" Make-up

Wedding makeup can be challenging to decide. So many fun photos on Pinterest how is a girl suppose to decide! I get it, let's talk make-up.

How "extreme" do I want to go?

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind when deciding on how much you want to have on, is how comfortable are you with make-up? If your a girl that loves to get ready everyday and dress up, I say go ALL out with your make-up! This is YOUR big day for crying out loud make the most of it! If your thinking, that's not me at all it's okay a simple natural look is going to be the best!

Another thing to consider is to do something that is timeless, remember these photos are going to be hanging on the walls of your home and will be on social media for a while. These are also photos you will look back on for years.

Be comfortable in your own skin! This is your big day you want to go with a make-up artist who you are confident in their ability to listen and make you feel like a queen.

What's the weather like? This is another thing to consider. If it is going to be warm for your wedding you are going to want to get light makeup, and even consider air brush make-up that is a lot lighter and wont be sweating off. Last of all make sure you get a good setting spray or powder this will help keep that white dress of yours clean and keep you from getting make-up on your guests.

Oh one more thing...

HAVE FUN! Thanks for reading!

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