Smell amazing on your wedding day!

Hey bride!!

Congrats on your engagement and your wedding! Today we are going to be talking about how you can smell amazing on your wedding day! Let's get started!!

Here are 4 of my favorite places to shop for perfume!

#1- Scent Box

Scent box is one of my top favorite places to get perfume at. Not only does it come with amazing product it also comes in a small travel size. This way if you have a scent that you don't love as much as others you're not stuck with a huge bottle and not sure what to do with it.

Another amazing thing about scent box is that they have two different options for monthly subscriptions one at $9.75 and the other at $12.97. Which in my opinion for a few dollars more I would go with the premium monthly subscription, you get more for only a few extra dollars a month.

The great thing about the small sizes they allow you to be able to take it with you when you travel. Which is ideal for out of state weddings or even traveling to the wedding venue!

Get 35% off your first month with this CODE: SCENT35


Love scent is an company that sales perfumes based off your natural pheromones

that your body produces. Meaning some scents smell different on some people than other. This is what they work off of, they also have hundreds of scents to choose from.

They also come in small or large bottles, perfect for traveling. As well as the perfect bridesmaids gift!

If this is something you are new to they have an amazing offer that allows you to try some samples of your favorite scents for free! Use the coupon code below to get started!

#3- Bath and Body Works

The key to smelling amazing is using lotion and perfume! Bath and body works has some of my favorite smells ever! Plus who wouldn't want to smell like vanilla on their wedding day or even their wedding night!


Let's do a quick recap! What you need to do to smell amazing on your wedding day is to get amazing smelling lotion and perfume, make sure it is travel size so you can take it with you if your wedding is out of state or if your honey moon is as well. Of course you want to smell good on the honey moon too! Once you have all of that you are good to go. Make sure you apply the lotion and the perfume on just before the wedding that way it last all through the night of hugging guests and shaking hands!!


Scent Box:

Get 35% off your first month with this CODE: SCENT35

Love Scent:

Free Samples

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