Top 5 Bridesmaids Gifts!

Hey Bride!

Congrats on your engagement! Here are my top all time favorite gifts for bridesmaids! Picking bridesmaids is always a fun process but then deciding what to get them as a present to say thank you, well that's just 10 times more fun! So let's dive right into the the fun part shale!


GIFT #1: Jewelry

Number one gift of 2020 for bridesmaids is jewelry. Well of course who wouldn't love jewelry, its the gift that keeps on giving. Not only can they wear it for the day of the wedding, but they can keep wearing after the wedding is over. Plus every time they wear it they will be thinking of you! It's the perfect gift that lasts forever. Plus with Park Lane they allow you to return the the item(s) if they are damaged at all for a whole year. Now that's amazing, they also have an amazing deal that's always going on. If you buy 2 of your lowest priced items at full price you get 4 items for half off. Meaning you can get 6 items all at an amazing price for all your bridesmaids. How amazing is that! Shop there collection now!

GIFT #2: Tumbler

Now who doesn't love a good drink. I know I do, and your bridesmaids will too! Once again this is another gift that keeps on giving which is ideal right. Just imagine all your bridesmaids getting ready in the morning together with their matching tumblers and then having those memories with them every time they drink from the tumbler in the further! Create lasting memories!

Gift #3: Robes

You can't get ready without matching robes right!! I mean we have all seen the adorable photos on instagram of everyone in their matching robes. So why not get your own right! Plus you can get one for you, your bridesmaids, and maid of honor!

Gift #4: Makeup Mirrors

Now that you have matching robes to get ready in you of course need matching makeup mirrors. These cute pocket size mirrors are perfect for getting ready in the morning. As well as the perfect gift to use later to touch up your makeup in your car. A daily reminder to your bridesmaids of how amazing your wedding was.

Gift #5: Bride Tribe Makeup Bags

Last but not least the bride tribe makeup bags. Perfect to give to your bridesmaids before the wedding especially if you are all traveling you will all have matching makeup bags in the morning to get ready together with. Plus anywhere they go they will remember the memories they made together on your wedding day!


1- Park Lane Jewelry -

2- Tumbler -

3- Robes -

4- Makeup Mirrors -

5- Bridal Tribe Makeup Bag -

I hope you enjoy these bridemaids gift ideas! Make sure to follow me on Pinterest and Instagram for more tips!

-Sarah Kunzler

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